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Public Sale of the Wake Up And Smell The Sun Catalogue

This is where you will find what there is to know about the public sale of the Wake Up And Smell The Sun music catalog.

Public Sale FAQ

What is the public sale and how does it work?  

First of all, that's two questions.  Setting that aside, I'll answer the first question and then the second one.  This is all pretty straightforward.  Wake Up And Smell The Sun is offering, for public sale, the entire catalogue of released music to any interested buyer.  The price is $100,000,000.00, or best offer.  If you don't quite have that much money, but you still have a lot of money, make me an offer.  If you have more money than that, and you don't want to be outbid for the catalogue, then offer me more money than that.  If you offer it to me, like right now, I'll probably just accept it and then we can be done with the whole process of negotiating the price. After a price is settled upon, or maybe some time before that for a bona fide buyer, there will be discussions with me and my A-list lawyer, and we'll hash out all the details.  I intend for you to get what you paid for, which should be unencumbered rights to the songs for your use and profit.  I'll likely try to retain my right to perform them if I should have to go on the Muppet Show or something like that.   That's all for discussion with my A-list lawyer once we start getting somewhere.

Once you present me with the offer, me and my A-list lawyer will redline the proposal and we send it back to you.  Then you do some redlines.  Then we just do that a few times until we have no more redlines.  After that you make sure you pay me, in full in US dollars.  And then, this is where it gets better, you make money on your investment in many, many multiples of your purchase price.  You do this by repackaging the music and selling it in vinyl, NFTs, streaming royalties, and stuff like that.  You can make a rock opera out of if and make it a long running Vegas show.  You can license the songs to prestige TV shows, like The Bear or whatever Reese Witherspoon is working on.  

I will continue to create and add to the project The Pedestrian Chronicles, and my unencumbered right to doing so will be specified in the agreement of sale after all of the redlining that I mentioned above.  However, future songs and releases will not be part of the presently conceived agreement.  Future songs may be part of the negotiations, I suppose.  I haven't fully figured out how that will all work, but trust me, if you pay me $100,000,000.00, I'll figure it out so it works for you and for me.  

Anyway, I think I answered both parts of the question above.  If I have not, just shoot me a message at and we can connect on whatever it is you want to discuss.  Also, I may be adding to the FAQ over the coming days so check back, if necessary.

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