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I Have Lived Quite a While On Earth

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

I have lived quite a long while on earth, and I must say, I don't recall too many more surreal times. While civilization as we know it is tucked behind the doors and windows of the world, the world of music and entertainment has taken on disproportionate importance. Not that it is essential to biologic life, but it it is, obviously, a strikingly central focus for the billions of people with nothing to do and no where to go.

While we are all here, artists are are improvising their arts through performance and creativity. Artists and artistic organizations are also struggling, more than usual, to make ends meet. Ordinary people who are not artists are struggling too obviously. If you can spare a dime to give back, please do.

For part of my part, I've chosen to create some live video performances of some of my songs and distribute these for your entertainment. They come with a request to donate, if you can, to the non-profit music organization, Weathervane Music. Do what you can if you can. Hope you enjoy, either way. If you get some enjoyment out of the songs, that will be cool enough.

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